Here some examples of stories from the other side, other opinions, other point of views, another world.

Harvested by hand

The Opperdoezer is still known as one of the most favourable potatoes in Holland, but the traditional way of cultivation of this crop is under pressure.
Client: John Deere, De Voor

Aim: 6 kilos of wool per hectare

Wool from Merinosheep is fashion. Well-known European outdoorbrands are likely to use the breed as marketingtool. Sheepfarmers from Tasmania benefit from that.
Client: Eisma Uitgevers, Het Schaap

‘Stepping forward with new owner’

Interview with David Bea, CEO of the biggest dairyfarm in Australia, Van Diemen’s Land Company, about the sale of the business.
Client: Reed Business, Boerderij

Fresh water project

It’s not the whole solution yet, but the fresh water pilot on the Dutch island Texel is getting there. After three years of research the first results are looking prosperous.
Client: Nieuwe Oogst

‘Work hard, play hard, rest hard’

Dutch contractors are known as tough, but the risk of a burn-out is close. Wiel Seelen got this disease, but he’s recovering.
Client: Cumela Nederland, Grondig

Export is moving to Asia

Con van der Voort, a grower from the west of Holland, moved to New Zealand in the fifties. From scratch he built the biggest familybusiness in growing fruit.
Client: Reed Business, Groente & Fruit